About Us
DROPPED AXLE PRODUCTIONS specializes in traditional style hot rods, but we can build your car no matter what the style is. We take pride in building safe and dependable hot rods that can be driven across town or across the country. We also provide support to customers who wish to build their own cars.

Period perfect or modern rendition, Dropped Axle Productions can bring your car to reality.

NAME: Jack
AKA: Doose32
I have been a gear head as far back as I can remember.  I grew up spending most of my summers with an uncle and cousin who rebuilt and dolled up old cars. I used my allowance each week to buy the little 25 cent hot rod books and plastic model cars and learned everything I could.  50+ years later I'm still building hot rods alongside my son full-time everyday, I am proud to say.  '32 Fords are my passion but modified cars of any kind keep me going everyday. HOT RODS FOREVER!"

NAME: Drew
AKA: hotrodfabricator
I grew up watching and helping my dad build hot rod chassis. My dad had a '32 5w coupe when I was a kid and I couldn't see over the early dash. Now I am lucky enough to be able to go to work and build hot rods with him at our shop every day."

Dropped Axle Productions LLC - 5331 Monterey Rd. - Batavia, OH 45103